Campaign Goals at a Glance:   

As Mississippi State moves toward its overall $600 million campaign goal, the individual priorities of the university’s academic colleges and major units can be explored with our professional fundraising staff. Some highlights of these specific goals include: 

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences:

Endowed faculty positions in cropping systems and agricultural marketing in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences can further the university's impact to reach other nations who often rely on agriculture as their primary source of revenue. Besides the economic impact, the knowledge gained from these areas, along with food safety and crop production, allows countries to feed growing populations. These endowed positions may exist in the form of chairs and professorships established with gifts through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Learn more about the vision of CALS from George Hopper, college dean.  

College of Architecture, Art and Design:

An endowment gift for the College of Architecture, Art and Design would give Mississippi an opportunity to become a national leader in design and build, sustainable design, rural economic development and innovative construction practices. The college also seeks an endowment to attract adjunct faculty who are nationally and internationally recognized practicing architects, designers and construction professionals. With an endowment for the Building Construction Science Program and a chair to lead the program, MSU can further innovative construction education. Find out more about the great things happening at CAAD from James West, college dean. 

College of Arts and Sciences:

Uniquely positioned by enrolling more than a quarter of the student body and providing much of the general education requirements, the College of Arts and Sciences can leverage gifts to impact nearly every student that passes through Mississippi State. A Graduate Fellowship Program will help recruit top graduate students, which directly bolsters not only teaching and research, but also the ability to recruit and retain the very best faculty. Endowed chairs and professorships will further enhance the college's research productivity and academic stature. Learn more about the arts and sciences mission from Gregory Dunaway, college dean.  

College of Business:

The College of Business is creating a Wall Street atmosphere where students can learn about a global economy and see the world through study abroad. With gifts, the college can create an enhanced speaker series featuring distinguished alumni and professionals who can provide insight into the global marketplace. Another effort for the college is to develop focus areas encouraging entrepreneurial and addressing critical topics such as information assurance, cyber security and fraud detection. Funding is needed to enhance these programs, which will, in turn, produce graduates prepared to enter these demanding careers. Find out more about the great things happening at COB from Sharon Oswald, college dean. 

College of Education:

Mississippi State can strengthen its stance as a state and national leader in early childhood education with an endowment for an endowed professor to lead the Early Childhood Institute in the College of Education. The position will assist in developing and providing research-based practices and policy recommendations that promote high quality early childhood development and learning for all young children in Mississippi. The college also seeks scholarships to assist students as they train to become the teachers of tomorrow. Learn more about the college's mission from Richard Blackbourn, dean.  

James Worth Bagley College of Engineering:

By enabling MSU students to become entrenched in the James Worth Bagley College of Engineering’s overall atmosphere of learning and achievement will require unrestricted gifts. The college's campaign goals will focus on facility enhancements, endowed faculty positions, program endowments, and, most importantly, student support. In any given year, thousands of K-12 students interact with the college through science fairs and summer camps, and funds are also needed to continue this exposure. With gifts for crucial areas, the college will continue amassing its reputation of excellence as one of around 40 named engineering colleges in the nation. Learn more about the Bagley College mission from Jason Keith, dean.  

College of Forest Resources:

The College of Forest Resources seeks to endow a chairs in large animal management, which includes white-tailed deer, and renewable energy. The large animal management chair will provide research and mentor future leaders in wildlife management while advocating for conservation through hunting. A renewable energy chair, combined with licensed technology, will ensure that MSU continues to be a leader in bioenergy, thus economically impacting our state. Learn more about the vision of CFR from George Hopper, college dean.  

College of Veterinary Medicine:

The College of Veterinary Medicine seeks individual endowments for faculty chairs, professorships, fellowships and scholarships to bring the most excellent faculty and students to Mississippi’s only veterinary college. The college desires an endowment to extend the education the Mobile Shelter Medicine Program offers and its service to the public. Along with providing unique learning opportunities, the program decreases the number of unwanted animals and helps shelters facilitate adoptions. Endowment opportunities also exist to further the work of the Radiation Therapy Unit and equine facilities on the Starkville campus, and the Referral Center located near Jackson, Mississippi. Learn more about the vision of CVM from Kent Hoblet, college dean.  

Judy and Bobby Shackouls Honors College:

The university’s Shackouls Honors College can further expand academic opportunities and study abroad opportunities through private support. Alumni and friends can increase the number of scholarships for potential selections of prestigious national and international awards such as the Rhodes, the Marshall and the Truman. With gifts, the college can grow through special programs, and community service efforts, and implementation of a research and discovery program for middle school students to broaden their horizons. A financial commitment for the college is an investment in scientists who will eradicate diseases, engineers who will build a better environment, and writers and philosophers who will help others imagine new worlds. Find out more about the college's vision from Christopher Snyder, dean. 

MSU Athletics: 

MSU Athletics continues its plans to upgrade facilities for all 16 NCAA Division I sports programs currently offered by the university over time. With the Leo Seal Jr. Football Complex complete and Davis Wade Stadium almost finished, next up is Polk-DeMent Stadium at Dudy Noble Field, home of the Diamond Dawgs. Following a 2013 College World Series runner-up finish, the baseball team needs to modernize the complex to keep its play at the highest level. With gifts, MSU can ensure facilities for all sports remain top-notch. And, most importantly, gifts can help student-athletes excel in the classroom. Find out more about the great things happening at athletics from Scott Stricklin, athletic director. 


MSU-Meridian is seeking to expand its current efforts by using scholarships to recruit these students pursuing degrees in one of its three main divisions  – Arts and Sciences, Business and Education. With a regional need for a well-prepared workforce in healthcare services, our university can be a frontrunner in Eastern Mississippi and Western Alabama for medical education and research endeavors. By securing campaign gifts, MSU-Meridian will be able to expand its educational offerings and help meet this critical need for our region. Learn more about the vision of the Meridian campus from Meghan Millea, interim administrative dean of MSU-Meridan.  

University Libraries:  

During the campaign, the University Libraries will continue to pursue inclusion with the Association of Research Libraries and place an emphasis on facilities and technology. For Mitchell Memorial Library, gifts can help expand and renovate the Instructional Media Center, refurbish the electronic classroom and auditorium, and place additional technology in the John Grisham Room, named for the MSU alumnus and best-selling novelist. The library is also working to house more collections in the humanities. Find out more about the library's vision from Frances Coleman, dean.