June 24, 201Alumni-

#HailStateAlumni#SendMeToStateFoundation:18 for 18 campaign - football? Contest? Talk with Rachel 18, 2018Keep going with 18 for 18 – everything looks great!Alumni will continue pushing baseball and gatherings, etc. as well as picnics – ATLSend off parties – Brady is going to check on this and see where we are for our campaign with the banner etc.Erica will check with the library to see if they still print banners

#hailstatewishes is an option for social media campaign. Work off the video of the son who gave his dad the baseball tickets.  We could do like a prize patrol and have people enter/nominate people to be surprised.Do you guys want to work on a plan/proposal for this ? Brady – can you get me a number regarding how many giveaway items you might need for the picnics?

Don’t forget to keep working on those filler posts. And any other suggestions on those are welcomeJune 11, 2018 18 for 18 is going well.Still Working On Getting approval for AlumniAlumni:-Road Trip to Omaha (Show us your road trip picks)


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